Barton Sliding Window

Barton sliding window is a kind of window opening method, also known as “Baltila window” or “handle window”. It is characterized in that the window can be opened or closed by pulling the handle or rotating the handle, and the left and right sides of the window can slide against each other to realize the opening and closing of the window.

Barton Sliding Window Design Highlights

Inclined track waterproof design

Anti-bending mechanical design sliding bar

Reinforced load-bearing base

Embedded anti-swing device system

Barton Sliding Window Grouped Equipment

Hardware configuration: standard Baron door and window hardware system

Supporting window type: two rails (with yarn), fully fixed

Supporting configuration: optional window casing, LOW-E glass, coated glass, grille



What are the characteristics of Barton sliding windows?

1.High flexibility: Barton sliding windows have movable slide rails and handles, so that the windows can stay in different positions, so that it is convenient for users to enter and exit the room and adjust the opening angle of the windows.

2.Strong practicability: Barton sliding windows can not only facilitate ventilation and lighting, but also can be conveniently closed when needed to prevent dust and noise from entering the room.

3.Space-saving: The opening method of Barton sliding windows is more space-saving than traditional windows, which can make better use of indoor space.

4.Beautiful and practical: Barton sliding windows are beautiful and practical in design, which can not only provide good lighting and ventilation, but also add decorative effects to the interior.

5.Easy maintenance and maintenance: Barton sliding windows have a simple structure and are more convenient to repair and maintain.

In short, Barton sliding windows have the advantages of flexibility, practicality, space saving, beautiful and practical, etc., and are a better choice than ordinary windows.

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