Casement Window-Rigel Ⅱ

Casement Window-Rigel Ⅱ’s Design highlights

Multi-cavity profile design, heat insulation

27A large hollow design, suitable for a variety of louvers

Imported hardware system, high quality and durable

Adopt G-shaped rubber strip + hook corner sealant sealing design

Pin glue injection process improves deformation resistance and stability

Grouped Equipment

Hardware configuration: imported hardware system

Supporting window type: open inward, open inward and invert, can be fixed on the top, bottom, side, corner, top arc

Supporting configuration: standard configuration: double white glass hollow tempered glass, high permeability mesh gauze

Supporting options: Chinese-style grille, magnetic control/electric/photodynamic energy louvers, insect-free gauze, 14-mesh diamond gauze (black and gray)



What are the specifications of Casement Window-Rigel Ⅱ?

Insulation performance: design reference value can reach 2.5-2.0W/m2·K (level 6)

Wind pressure resistance performance: the design reference value can reach 4.0P3 (level 6)

Air tightness performance: the design reference value can reach level 6

Watertight performance: the design reference value can reach 500△P (level 5)

Sound insulation performance: the design reference value can reach 36dB (level IV)

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