Aluminum Sliding Windows

Window Performance

U Value 1.9 W/(m²K)
Soundproof 47 dB
Air Tightness <0.5[M3/(M.HO)]
Water Tightness 500pa
Surface Treatment Anodize, Electrophoresis, Powder coated, PVDF
Glass Double glazed, Hurricane impact glass, Laminated glass, Single glazed, Triple glazed





    Aluminum Sliding Window

    Aluminum sliding window is a type of window which opens horizontally by sliding, whereby the door is mounted on a track.No lifting! No crank! No sudden closed by the wind! No Way to let outside in.

    The ultimate low maintenance window style due to few moving parts, the sliding window is a classic design that will suit most architectural styles. As an easy-opening window, it is not only providing a contemporary look but also provides more ventilation. These smartly built windows open without using any exterior or interior space.

    By allowing windows to be locked in a choice of two open positions, elective ventilation key locks are also available. Property owners can get these windows to allow light and air to enter their home and it also complements their interiors.

    Aluminum windows are a fantastic choice for any room, even in a confined location where it is undesirable to have windows that protrude from the wall. These windows are simple but sophisticated, so they blend in well with any home’s decor and offer great energy efficiency.

    Manufacturers of aluminum windows consider this form of the window since it is quite common in the workplaces and homes of today’s contemporary society.

    When remodeling your current space or constructing a new one, you should pay particular attention to the fenestration, which refers to the windows and doors.

    The selection of appropriate windows and window frames is an element that many individuals tend to overlook.

    You must, however, pay particular attention to the same and choose designs that are not only flawlessly appropriate for the area you have available but also provide additional advantages from a practical standpoint.

    Why Baron?

    Finding windows ideally suited for your house is another significant aspect of any home improvement project, particularly if the goal is to make the house seem more appealing to the eye.

    You can locate the ideal items at BARON thanks to the company’s extensive selection of aluminum sliding window design alternatives, all of which provide a variety of advantages.

    Our variety of aluminum sliding window frames contributes an aesthetically pleasing component to the architectural design of your area while also providing excellent performance and usefulness.

    In addition to these characteristics, our selection offers choices for grill designs, numerous locking points, insulated glass, and mesh, all of which are intended to increase the level of safety the windows provide.

    The frames are crafted from the highest quality material, which guarantees protection against environmental conditions like dust, pollution, noise, and strong winds. This safeguards the inside of your house or workplace, ensuring it continues to be a safe and pleasant space.

    Our sliding windows are equipped with a steel roller that does not need further lubrication and is often used in establishments such as schools, hospitals, and condos.

    You receive quality performance at a competitive price with this product since it has a four-sided fin seal weather strip, an option for dual glass, and optional integrated shades.

    Aluminum Sliding WindowsBARON TEAM

    Product Features

    • The operating sash slides on adjustable minimal friction nylon rollers, along an aluminium track, providing a smooth opening and closing action.
    • Fully weather sealed around the frame to minimise draughts, dust and water intrusion.
    • Interlocking sashes for increased window strength.
    • Vertical windows can be locked into place for continuous airflow
    • Triple sliding option available
    • Have custom made to your home’s exact specifications

    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Design Options


















    Benefit From Your CommittedHigh Visibility Manufacturer

    Wholesale High Visibility window and door Price

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    Besides advanced production facilities, we are proud of our talentedworkers.And a 100% inspection from raw materials to finished products, we will never provide defective or low-quality high visibilityclothing.

    Worry-Free Aftersales Services

    Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind. If you have after-salesquestions we will respond within 12 hours and provide the best solutions.

    lf you are looking for a reliable and professional partner on highvisibility window and door projects , look no further than BARON.



      Laminated Glass

      Laminated glass has excellent sound reduction properties, making it a great choice for areas with high noise levels.

      5mm+0.76pvb+5mm, 6mm+1.14pvb+6mm

      Triple Glazed Glass

      Our triple pane insulated glass unit consists of three layers of glass sealed with Duralite spacers. Inner glass chambers are filled with argon gas.

      Along with better home insulation, a triple pane window is among the very best choices for an energy efficient home.

      • 2 LowE glass panes for maximum energy savings
      • 2 inner chambers are filled with argon gas
      • Increased air space improves sound reduction efficacy
      • Patio door insulated glass units feature thicker glass

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      Standard Color Card For Powder Coated Finish



      Grid Pattern


      Fly Net

      We will configure different fly net for different window types.

      Retractable screen for awning window/casement windows.

      Sliding screen for sliding window and doors.

      Fixed mesh for tilt turn widnows/crank out windows.

      Choose Mesh



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