Why is there such a big difference in the price of aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are customized products. The door and window factory is not deep at all, and the cost of each company is transparent. You don’t ask for the price directly? Then the price depends on the size of the door and window factory, the product profile, the cost of accessories and other factors…

1. Material quality

The purchase price is completely different if the ratio of iron content and aluminum content is different.Some door and window manufacturers will use high-quality aluminum materials and other high-quality auxiliary materials, so the price of such door and window products will naturally be higher.

2. Model and specification

The price of aluminum alloy doors and windows is usually related to the model and specifications of the doors and windows. Different models of windows and doors may require different quantities or types of materials, resulting in price differences.

3. Processing and installation costs

There is a big difference between the equipment of the processing plant and the skill level of the workers.The processing and installation costs of doors and windows will also affect the price of doors and windows. Some window and door manufacturers offer a full package that includes installation costs, while others may charge these fees extra.

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4. Brand and market positioning

Some well-known door and window brands will usually price higher, while other smaller door and window manufacturers may price lower. The cost and marketing strategies of door and window manufacturers with different brands and market positioning will also affect the price of doors and windows.BARON is far ahead in the domestic door and window industry, and has a great price advantage. Welcome to BARON HOME to view more information.


Glass is now made of double-layer insulating glass, but the sealing glue used for glass sealing, the aluminum strip in the middle, and whether it is filled with argon and whether it is manually glued or machine glued are also factors that determine the price. In addition, the national standard thickness of the glass is 5MM, but many use 4MM as 5MM, the European standard is 6MM, the size of the aluminum strip is also a factor, usually our standard door and window requirements are 5MM+18A+5MM (this is for 60 profiles); while 70 profiles are 5MM +27A+5MM specifications, whether the glass is tempered for safety, the price of semi-tempered and fully tempered is also different, and the sound insulation effect is not achieved, some customers will choose double-layer laminated glass + insulating glass, the price will be higher.

6. Geographical and market competition

Aluminum Door and Aluminum window prices may also vary depending on geography and market competition. The door and window market in some regions is highly competitive, and door and window manufacturers may lower prices in order to gain more market share, while other regions may have higher prices.

Therefore, based on the appeal situation, Aluminum doors and Aluminum windows are a system configuration product, and the price will be completely different if you match different configurations. In addition, the design and shape of the window itself will also slightly change the price.

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