What are the comparative advantages of branded doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows?

What are the comparative advantages of branded aluminum doors and aluminum windows and ordinary doors and windows? You can see the following points:


Quality assurance Brand products are first of all very particular about “materials”. BARON door and window products, its profiles, glass, hardware accessories, etc. directly determine the quality of the door. Brand doors and windows use materials that meet national standards or even exceed standards. Guarantee The stiffness, strength and corrosion resistance of the final product ensure product quality. Many non-branded door and window products are produced by small workshops. In order to reduce costs and earn greater profits, many will reduce material costs and use unqualified scrap aluminum profiles.

To give another example, branded doors and windows are made of “3C” grade tempered glass that has been certified by the state, and the logo will be sprayed on the glass, which is more secure. However, some small workshops use ordinary glass or counterfeit “3C” glass to deal with it. Such glass is extremely easy to burst and pose a threat to life.


Ordinary aluminum doors and windows with excellent functions only meet the basic requirements of doors and windows that can be ventilated, illuminated, and sheltered from wind and rain. more demanding.

Purchase Guide-1


One-stop purchasing Branded door and window enterprises continue to develop, and often provide a variety of product types for consumers to purchase in one-stop, to solve the troubles of consumers running around. Door and window products are no longer a single product, but also provide customers with corresponding sunshade solutions.

4.after sales

If there is a gap in the quotation, there may be tricks in terms of material selection quality and functionality. In addition, merchants who quote low prices may cleverly set up their eyesight in the after-sales process such as door and window transportation and installation to make up for the difference. Even if the doors and windows are successfully installed to the destination, there is no guarantee that there will be problems in the future. . On the contrary, when purchasing branded doors and windows, the price transparency is high, and the product has a warranty service within a certain period of time.

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