The First Thing To Do When Decorating Is To Replace The Aluminum Doors And Aluminum Windows?If you don’t know how to decorate,you can take a look.

It is said that 80% of people will encounter problems when decorating-whether to replace aluminum doors and aluminum windows! So have you encountered the following three questions?

1. Should the aluminum doors and aluminum windows be replaced? ——The problem that most people struggle with when decorating is also the most critical problem.

2. What is the installation process of aluminum doors and aluminum windows? ——If the installation is not in place, no matter how well the aluminum doors and windows are bought, the home will not experience the effect it should have.

3.How to check and accept the aluminum doors and aluminum windows? —— Failure to check and accept is tantamount to doing nothing!

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Should the aluminum windows be replaced?

We look at it from two aspects: 1. New house decoration. That is to say, the developer has already installed the windows for us, and we decide whether to replace them according to the quality; the second is to decorate the old house. Consider whether to replace or not according to the quality of the existing windows.

1. New house decoration

(1)New house decoration includes three types: hardcover house, rough house and self-built house. Generally speaking, the windows of self-built houses are purchased and installed by ourselves, and there is no need to consider whether to replace the windows or not. The windows of the hardcover house and the rough house are all installed in advance by the developer. The developer tried every means to save costs, but the quality of the windows is hard to say. We need to decide whether to replace the windows according to the situation.

(2)If it is a hardcover room, it depends on the material of the window.

①If the developer reserved plastic-steel windows, it is best to replace them for long-term use! Plastic-steel windows are made of PVC, and the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction is more obvious. It deforms when exposed to heat, becomes brittle when exposed to cold, and leaves potential safety hazards.

②If the aluminum alloy window is reserved by the developer, the profile thickness of the aluminum alloy window should be checked to determine whether it needs to be replaced. In addition, the aesthetics of the window is also one of the audit criteria.

If the window quality is acceptable and the aesthetics are acceptable, then there is no need to replace it. For some high-demand owners, the windows installed by developers can only meet the basic needs of use. If there are special requirements for the sound insulation and heat insulation of doors and windows, it is necessary to replace the doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum system with better performance.So we really recommend this kind of aluminum windows-Casement Window-Scotland Ⅲ.

2. Renovation of old houses

If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you choose to change windows decisively for old house decoration. Because the decoration of the old house itself means that the house has been used for a certain number of years, and it needs to be refurbished when There is more or less wear and tear. Of course, if conditions permit, they are all replaced to prevent future troubles.

Moreover, the lifespan of aluminum windows is only 10-15 years. If the house you bought has been used for more than 10 years, it must be replaced.

If you have more questions about aluminum doors or windows, you are welcome to enter BARON HOME for more information or contact us directly, we will have experienced door and window experts to answer for you for free!

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