Casement Window-Scotland Ⅲ

The Casement Window-Scotland III is an improved Scottish casement design that has three sashes instead of two. Casement Window-Scotland III can provide better ventilation and wider views than traditional Scottish casement windows, but they may require more space to open. Scotland III casement windows are still a popular window design, especially in the Scottish region.

Casement Window-Scotland III Design highlights

Bevel edge crimping design

New national standard 1.8mm profile wall thickness

Windproof and whistle-proof patented drainage design

Custom hinge + imported handle, safe and durable

Quick-installable openable protective partition

Grouped equipment

Hardware configuration: Baron custom hardware + imported handle

Supporting window type: open sideways, overhung outside, can be fixed on the top, bottom, side, corner, top arc

Supporting configuration: double white glass hollow tempered glass, 22A Chinese-style grille, domestic high-transparency net



Why is this kind of window called Casement Window-Scotland Ⅲ?

Casement Window-Scotland Ⅲ are a traditional window design that originated in the Scottish region. Such windows consist of two sashes, each of which can be opened inward or outward, usually with a horizontal axis of rotation. Scotch casement windows are often used in air-conditioned environments as they provide better sealing and sound insulation.

What are the characteristics of Casement Window-Scotland Ⅲ ?

Unlike other window designs, Scotland III casement windows have a unique rail design that sits inside the window to provide extra security and prevent the window from opening suddenly.

What kind of material is Casement Window-Scotland Ⅲ ?

Scottish casement windows are available in a variety of materials, including wood, PVC, aluminium and composite. Aluminum alloys are commonly used in commercial buildings and modern homes because they offer better durability and ease of maintenance.

Overall, Scotch casement windows are an old but classic window design that provides insulation and soundproofing to your home while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and classic look.

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