Sliding Door-LANDO

Sliding Door-LANDO’s Design Highlights

9mm door leaf, 35mm side frame, modern extremely narrow visible frame design, simple and exquisite, super large field of view

A new process of combining door rubber strips and neutral silicone sealants

Beveled edge design, more three-dimensional beauty of the product

Narrow profile, high strength structure, high bending rigidity

Equipped with 8mm tempered safety glass and new art glass

The maximum opening of the sliding door can reach 2/3 of the door opening, making it easy to enter and exit

Can realize electric and intelligent opening

Grouped equipment

Hardware configuration: Domestic one-way buffer damping device

Opening method: (maglev) sliding door/(maglev) hanging sliding door, all of which can realize single-track/double-track/three-track 1+2/2+4 linkage design



What is Sliding Door-LANDO?

Sliding Door-LANDO is a high-quality modern sliding door system, usually used in various occasions such as homes, commercial places, and offices. It uses high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes to provide durable, beautiful, functional and safe door solutions.

What are the features of Sliding Door-LANDO?

Sliding Door-LANDO system has a variety of features, such as: optional one-way or two-way sliding doors, optional recessed or panel-mounted slide rails, optional door leaf materials and colors, excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance, etc. . In addition, it can be customized according to customers’ requirements to suit various door opening sizes and uses.

what are the advantages for me to choose Sliding Door-LANDO?

One of the advantages of the Lando sliding door is that it takes up little space because it does not require the swinging space of the door leaf. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of easy to use, flexible operation and convenient installation. In addition, Lando sliding doors can be equipped with various additional functions, such as automatic opening and closing, sensors, door locks and anti-theft systems, etc., to meet different customer needs.

In a word, Lando sliding door is a modern, high-quality door solution suitable for various places and purposes, which can provide a safe, practical and beautiful door experience.

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